Other things I enjoy.


I started skiing in 1978 when my wife was expecting our first child. At the time I had strong legs which compensated for my lousy technique. In the years that followed I worked on the latter, and now I'm fairly confident on prepared pistes. Outside of them I do have fun but not as much as those watching me!
This picture was taken in the early nineties, I'm being assisted by my wife and brother-in-law.


I've had canoes since childhood. I love the sense of freedom that I feel when out on the water. We've been on a lot of rivers in France, but I also had fun on the fjords of Danmark and on the canals of our major cities. Even though I'm far from an expert I felt confident enough to cross the Lake IJssel (IJsselmeer) with friend Bart. This is a picture of that event (sept.2005) after we did the crossing. We were checked by the police halfway the lake, but we managed to impress them enough to let us carry on.


Before we had kids we owned a small sailing vessel on which we spent a lot of time. Again the Lake IJssel was our territory. After our first daughter got disabled we sold the boat, but I've always been waiting to win a lottery to get me a new one. Recently (oct.2005) our mc club rented a classic boat for a weekend. We sailed from Enkhuizen to the island of Texel. One of our members had been skipper on this boat (Lytse Hylke) for years so he was the captain for the weekend. Our youngest daughter went along, she was allowed to hold the wheel for a while and did better than her dad. Of course the captain (Symon) kept a close eye on what was happening.

Guitar playing.

A fun disaster it was. I tried hard for five years but in the end I concluded it was not going to happen. A pity indeed.

I did take lessons, I did practice every day, I found lots of simple tunes on internet (google for "Dirk's guitar page" or "Jurch Hochweber") but still I never got to a point that was even faintly promising. So I quit in 2009. To prove my point some samples recorded after the first 2 years of struggle:

Sample1, La Ilona
Sample2, Combination
Sample3, Thriller
Sample4, yet another nice piece played badly.


Who would guess this 'tough biker' likes dancing as well? Still, in winter time I used to dance twice a week, one session with my wife and the other session with a group of people who use wheelchairs for this activity.

Camp out.

I've been using tents since childhood (boyscouts!) and I find the combination of camping, travelling, hiking and motorbikes irresistible! Picture taken in Norway 2004 on first trip with Transalp.


Travel as in 'visiting real foreign countries' as opposed to familiar nearby countries and cultures. This is one thing I didn't do enough (yet). Picture taken in Ladakh (Northern India) in 2005.


Yet another thing both my wife and I like. I did several multiday hikes, but we enjoy the one day hikes just as much. Most of them were done in France and Austria, but in 2004 I had some great ones in Norway as well. This is an old picture where I teach my middle daughter just how much fun it is. Picture taken in 1984.


She Who Must Be Obeyed... What can I say? Without her all else would be without much sense.