Some advice and links.

What a toy this was...

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First of all this: please wear decent motorcycle gear (helmet, leather boots, gloves and suit) ALL YEAR ROUND and use earplugs. I started using them a bit too late, after I lost some of my hearing...

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If you are a novice rider or serious enough to learn something more, visit the great page of James Davis. The same applies to the British page of Kevin Williams. Excellent stuff!

Then there are the advanced motorcycle trainings. Take a course! I was amazed about the number of things I learned, on the trackday, but especially on the "public roads" day. It's fun, your skills will improve and it will almost certainly save you (lots of) money in the long run. It saved me some! By the way, I was trained by the NVVM, and it was excellent. (Thanks Henri!). If you're in GB in the Kent area, follow the Kevin Williams link above.

I also did some offroad courses, they are another great way to improve your on- and offroad skills.


Here were some motorcycle related sites I liked; over time most went down leaving this excellent one left alone:

  • Horizons Unlimited Travellers site .

    Some places to stay as a motorcyclist: (* indicates I've been there myself, I'm planning on visiting the others!).

    Phil and Eglantine *

    A fantastic bed and breakfast (they also serve great meals!) in the Morvan region of France. Highly recommended.

    Jack's Place*, Gaasstraat 4a, 6369VA Simpelveld, Holland, tel. 31 45 444715

    This is a bikers-only camping near Aachen (Germany). There's a swimming pool where you can find the showers and toilets. The bar is what it's all about; there's good music and a choice of good beers. As the Eiffel and Luxembourg are nearby, this is the place to be!

    Motorcycle Loft Hotel* , Groenedijkstraat 5, Oudenburg, Belgium, tel. 32 59 268540

    If you like good food, good beer, good music (sometimes live) and meeting other motorcyclists, but hate camping, this is the place. You can park your bike inside the building; when you look from your hotel door you can see your bike in the spotlights! Prices (1998) range from 650bfr (just a bed in 3-4 person room on a weekday during off-season) to 2020bfr (including meal, 1-pers. room in weekends during season). Tip: Ask the owner for a "Slemmer" to drink.. beware!

    Gaststatte Motodrom, Kirchbaumwasen 16, 76596 Forbach-Kirchbaumwasen, Germany, tel. 49 7228 2131

    Right in the Schwarzwald, a beautiful motorcycle area. Build or rebuild by motorcycleclub "Gausbach". I'm told the beer comes from a XS650 engine!

    Motocamping Daytona, 3 rue de Christnach, 7634 Larochette, Luxembourg

    No info available. Will try it next year.

    Camping Blue Star*, Onstwedde, Groningen, Holland

    Motorcyclists only. A bit hard to find, nice shady spots for the tent. More a motorcycle-family camping than a hardcore bikers camping. Simple food as well as breakfasts available. A good basecamp to explore the NE part of Holland or visit the Assen track.

    Camping Moto Touche*, 63440 St Remy de Blot, Puy de Dome, France, 33 473979255

    Just for bikers. There's a simple restaurant with good food, a bunkhouse and a blues-rock cafe as well. Beer comes out of a Guzzi engine. This is a great place to be!

    Camping Moto*, 26400 Montclar-sur-Gervanne (Drome), France, 33 475400483

    Beautiful campsite situated near a river, clean and relaxing. In one of the best regions of France. Simple hot meals available at no great cost. Open june 1- september 15.

    Camping Kohnenhof, Maison 1, between 9838 Obereisenbach and Rodershausen, Luxembourg

    Beautiful situated near the river Our. Good restaurant.