2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, 27-5

059: Chapelle St.They, Lescleden

A long hard ride against storm and rain. Near this landmark it was almost impossible to ride. We took a path through the fields and when we were close enough to see the roof of this object we took the required pictures and quickly left the place. To see the waves smash themselves against the rocks was amazing. We had to support the bikes when taking the pictures.

073: Plaquette Cap. Dreyfus, Port Haliguen

Again a long and windy road, but this time it blew from behind. The road on the peninsula was crowded for unknown reasons, it took quite some time and effort to reach the harbour. Riding slowly was almost impossible as the storm came in from the west and hit our sorry bodies. Once in the harbour Gerard discovered the memorial quickly. The road back north was dreadful again. Even though we were tired we decided to head for Fougeres to get a hotel. Still a long and wet run, but we found a place to our liking soon (hotel des Voyageurs) and had a great dinner in a Tunesian restaurant. Comfy beds in a posh hotel, luxury!