2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, 26-5

068: Lighthouse, Raz-de-Barfleur

A short ride to 68. The day started cloudy and chilly. It would improve however. I didn't bother to take of my helmet as I prefer warm ears.

067: Mont-St.Michel, Mont-St.Michel

This part took a bit longer, partly because we didn't strictly follow the gps directions. The sun returned, but the wind grew stronger and colder. We took a break for a cigar and a look at the maps. Lots of Japanese tourists here.

053: St.Jacques le Majeur, Perros-Guirrec

To gain some time we took a lot of N12 on our way to Perros-Guirrec. Even though the fierce headwind wasn't fun this did give us an opportunity to have a look around. Beautiful region to say the least. At Guingamp we left the N12 to head NW to this church. A wedding was going on so I didn't get the chance to look inside.

058: Phare d'Aber Ildut, Lanildut

Last section of the day. Weird lighthouse. The campsite we found at Lanildut was excellent. Lots of room, showers included in the price (4.75 euros each) and a friendly host who came to warn us the next morning about the bad weather coming up. As our restaurant of choice was 'complet' (after we did an exhausting walk to the harbour) we did have a nice pancake and salad in the town centre.