2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, 25-5

079: Phare Griz Nez, Cap Griz Nez

This one was close by, so early in the morning soon after we had our splendid coffee we earned some more points.

084: Lighthouse, le Hourdel

This one was a bit further. We both had thought of this region as boring, but much to our delight it was a beautiful area. And this was just the beginning!

083: Chateau, Beuvreuil

Some 100 kilometers further. Piece of cake. To be honest, we had to re-ride part of the D84 in order to get here.

056: Chateau, Berville sur Mer

Yet a bit further. We didn't have an exact location, so we did have our doubts. Where we thought it was it wasn't, we decided to ride a bit further but still didn't find it. In order to turn on this small road and ride back we looked for a conveniant place, and when we did we stopped right in front of the castle!

052: Chateau, St.Pierre de Mont

The last one of the day. Easily found, and a campsite was nearby. Not a pretty one, but next to the harbour of Grandcamp Maisy we found an excellent restaurant where I enjoyed the fruit de mer. I don't remember what Gerard ordered, but I do remember he liked it.