2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, 24-5

114: Wateringse Sluis, Maassluis

Gerard arrived early thursday morning at my place, we had a cup of coffee and started out at 9.15. The weather was great and after some motorways we started riding the smaller and more attractive roads. The GPS planning seemed to work fine as we soon took the first picture of the trip.

110: Badhotel, Domburg

We decided to carry on and enjoyed the province of Zeeland's roads. A bit boring really, but the weather made up for it. The street where this hotel is situated was found quickly, Gerard discovered the exact location soon after. Onwards..

111: Statue 'van Dale', Sluis

Some distance away we shot this picture of the old schoolmaster. As it was time for refreshments we sat outside for coffee and applepie.

010: Boyau de la Mort, Diksmuide

We now had crossed the border into Belgium. This place was awkward, a memorial to the soldiers of WWI. Gerard almost lost his horn, a nice Belgian Guzzi rider solved the problem by providing tape.

075: Abbey, Watten

And now we were in France! A nice lady allowed us to ride our bikes close to the ruins. Watten also provided a campsite which was conveniant. The town itself is much fun, we enjoyed a fantastic meal in a -***** restaurant. What a shitty place! Anyway, we slept well after earning so many landmark points.