2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, june 28 to july 8

101: Gerardus chapel, Withem

28/6. On my way to the MC meeting point at the Spa campsite I took shot 1 of the series.

4: Castle Rheinardstein, Robbertville

28/6. Next was this little castle. I couldn't visit it as a wedding party was going on. Weather still OK...

6: Macralle, Vielsalm

29/6. It took me a few minutes to locate this witch statue. Some showers.

89: Castle Beaufort

29/6. I had been here before. Adventurous riding as roadworks were going on in the neighbourhood. Again dry.

74: Rocher de Dabo

30/6. Sunny again. A circular road leading to this rock+church.

85: Col du Ballon, Le Thillot

30/6. There were several 'ballons' around here, so I made pictures of all of them just to be sure. This one taken at Ballon d'Alsace

61: Col du Hundsruck, Thann

1/7. Bad picture as the light was bad and I'm a lousy photographer.

62: chapel Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp

1/7. I didn't want to pay the entry fee so I took some shots from the entrance.

16: Ferme Robert, Val-de-Travers

1/7. Nice detour, lovely area. My only Swiss landmark.

81: Col de l'Iseran

3/7. We passed this one anyway, so it were kind of 'free' points.

87: Piani-Resinelli

6/7. The finish of a classic hillrace. Worth a lot of points!

88: Ferry Menaggio

6/7. After a great ride in the sunny hills I took the ferry across lake Como and was rewarded points as a bonus.