2007 MGCN Landmark Rally, 28-5

064: Le cordon des Druides, Fougeres

We thought it would be difficult to find this one but it was dead easy. A sign showed us the way. Funny enough noone we asked in the hotel had ever heard of this place! Did I mention the roads were wet?

077: La Croix Madame, Fontenai les Louvettes

On our way to this landmark (where we would split up) we came through the town of Ernee. I almost lost the bike in a slow lefthander. When I looked in my mirror a few seconds later Gerard indeed lost his one, the Guzzi was all over the place. Apparently oil on the road did the trick. Gerard was unhurt, but the bike had some bad bruises. The bike was put together again (sort of) and carefully we rode on. Fortunately Gerard hadn't suffered any brain damage as he developed a cunning plan to find the landmark in the middle of dead-end roads. At this point we had to split up. Gerard had to do some work on his clutchcable and I promised to make it home today. So we said goodbye and I headed of in the direction of Dreux.

057: La Croix de la Tasse, Abondant

Uneventful leg to this cross. One nice hairpin bend. It was dry when I was here, but soon after I left the rain got torrential.

076: Chateau St.Cyr, Lavilletertre

Some exciting bits on my way here. As usual I take the smallest roads possible, and this time the road of choice was 'barree'. I thought "what the heck, I'm on a bike" and carried on. The reason of this roadblock soon became obvious: no road surface anymore but slippery clay! To be honest I would have hesitated would I have been on my Transalp, so I did need to take a few deep breaths before I plunged in. I managed to keep the rubber side down but not much of the rubber could be seen afterwards! The whole bike was a mess. After taking this picture I followed the gps route to LM48 which I knew would bring me to the A1 north. I f*cked up in Chantilly though so it took some extra time to get on the A1, 20 km north of where I intended. I had hoped to get some good speed on the A1, but it turned out I lost some lead from my front wheel and riding over 120 kmh was simply impossible. A long and boring ride followed, arrived home at 11.30 pm.

It had been a great weekend!