2007 MGCN Landmark Rally

Second time around: the Landmarkrally organized by the Dutch Moto Guzzi Club. The first was in 2005 and was fun to do. These are the landmarks for 2007. On this webpage I will log the progress. In 2005 I scored 635 points, 32% of the available 1970. To get to the 'bronze' level again I need 800 points: 37% of the 2170 available. Tough...

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Date Time KM Landmarks Points Comments Proof..
27-2 2h Locating some Dutch landmarks
28-2 3h Locating more Dutch landmarks
1-3 3h Locating European landmarks
2-3 3h 13 105 10 Locating more landmarks and visiting #1. Easy, as it's so close by. Proof.
3-3 1h Making routes for some Dutch landmarks.
5-3 2h Finding out more about Dutch and Belgian landmarks.
7-3 2h Same as 5-3.
8-3 7h 327 93 108 109 112 113 50 No rain today for the 1st time in weeks. Nice ride, all landmarks easily found. At 109 I met a Moto Guzzi rider who as it turned out did not compete in this rally. He had a nice red Guzzi though! Proof.
10-3 1h 59 104 10 Great weather again, so time for a slow pace VFR ride with the wife. We did spent some time in this museum, guided by a young and enthousiastic person. Recommendable if you're into steam or general technical stuff. Proof.
19-3 2h Looking at Mapsource maps again, deciding which waypoints to go for in the north of the Netherlands.
22-3 11.5h 545 90 91 92 94 95 98 99 107 80 Started at 9.15, sunshine but strong and cold northern winds. Temperatures never over 10 deg Celsius. The landmarks were easily found, except for the 'hanging kitchens': roadworks prevented me from entering the town easy. I had a coffee stop at Gerard "Moturist's" home: one of the other contenders. Nice to have a chat and get a bit warmer again. Even though I didn't get any rain during the day, I got pretty cold as darkness set in. Due to the lack of light it was hard to take a picture of the lighthouse in Urk. One more cold and windy dike and then a hot shower. Proof.
25-3 1.5h NW France Looking at Mapsource maps again, deciding which waypoints to go for in the northwest of France. Proof.
28-3 2h NW France Preparing routes for the northwest of France.
29-3 1h NW France Finishing routes for the northwest of France.
1-4 1h SE France Working on routes for the southeast of France.
11-5 2h NW France Adjusting routes for the northwest of France.
13-5 3h NW France Making the last adjustments for landmarks in NW France.
17-5 4h NW France Problems with car gps (Nuvi350), now I have to re-enter the data in the Etrex...
18-5 7h 339 NW France Meeting with Gerard in Groningen who is joining me on next weekends ride. Plus more hard work on the waypoints...
24-5 10h 409 114 110 111 10 75 60

The start of a five-day trip in the NW of France. Both Gerard and myself on clean bikes, that was about to change... More text via the 'proof' links on the right.

25-5 12h 536 79 84 83 56 52 100

This is what I managed to cover in the 5 day trip. I stole this picture from Gerard...

26-5 12h 567 68 67 53 58 95

Apart from being an excellent motorcyclist, Gerard also makes a perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

27-5 10,5h 528 59 73 60 Proof.
28-5 14,5h 938 64 77 57 76 90 Proof.
15h 515 103 1 20 Our MC club went to Belgium to find some unpaved roads, I joined them and as these landmarks were close by I scored another 20 points. A lot of time and km's, but this weekend was not about efficient riding. Proof.
28/6-8/7 100h 4653 101 4 6 89 74 85 61 62 16 81 87 88 250

A week of nice roads in the Alps with the MC club. I managed to score the Italian points as well. I've got over 800 points now, and all I need is one landmark in Germany to get the International award. It was a week where we rode a lot and did some unpaved stuff as well: the Ligurian border route and the Susa-Sestriere trail, both between France and Italy. Think twice before you do the first one!
14/7 8h 400 33 20 On our way to Norway we made a detour to get a German landmark. This is it. Proof.
2/8 2h 100 45 25 On our way back from Norway we scored another German landmark. A nice little place this Friedrichstadt is! Proof.
12/11 2h Planning the last LMR2007 ride.
17/11 10h 719 97 96 38 100 102 5 65 The last 2007 LMR ride, fortunately in great weather. I rode 480km on saturday, ending the day in Zoersel (Belgium) where we enjoyed many great beers. Proof.
Totals 255h 10648 935

The trophy for sixth place was presented march 22 2008. It was a pleasant gathering of a number of competitors. Lots of drinks and riding stories!

Out of the 51 competitors I ended in 6th place; 955 points due to some bonus points. I got 43% of the available landmark points, a bit more than planned.