The Jawa 640 Tramp

Probably the last 2-stroke I've owned.

Engine typetwo cylinder 2-stroke
Displacement344 cc
Power (?)23HP@5250 rpm
Recommended cruise speed90 kmh/55mph
Maximum speed135 kmh / 85 mph
Fuel consumption4.5 litres/100 km
Tank volume17 litres
Maximum range380 km / 240 miles
Weight153 kg

It's june 4 2004 now, and I sold the bike after riding it for 2 years and 8 months, 46040 km on the odo. So, what's the verdict on the Jawa? Well, even though it did spend more than 4 weeks in the workshop and suffered some problems (a gasket died, disturbing the (Ducati!) ignition; the gearbox didn't want to stay in 4th gear; the engine seized at 8.500km and at 35.000km and the rectifier died at 15.000km), the verdict is positive. It's low price and low cost of maintenance make it a good deal. As long as you avoid motorways (and if you HAVE to use them ride at 55mph max.), it's surprisingly pleasant to ride. It's also usable on light tracks, mostly because of it's low weight. All in all, not bad. I hope the next owner will enjoy it as much as I did.