A Cold February Ride.


February 27 2000.

As the children were away this weekend and the weather prospects weren't too bad, we decided to take the R27 for a ride rather early in the year. There was almost nothing very special about this ride, except that we rode together again for the first time in a year.

My friend Steve asked me how my weekend was and I emailed this:


Hi Steve,

*Hope you and Eugenie have a great time, and the weather cooperates.*

We indeed had a great time yesterday. It was a bit cold and less sunny than we hoped for, but we had planned frequent stops anyhow so we didn't care. We decided to make a ride alongside the old seadikes that enclose the large central lake in Holland. This lake used to be part of the sea, but has been separated from the sea for more than 60 years now by a 32km long dike. The villages alongside it changed from fishing communities to tourist communities and are very charming.

The road we followed has lots of bends, so it was a fine art not to touch the ground with my feet *G*. We had a stop in a former fisherman's pub in a village near Amsterdam called Durgerdam which we really needed to get warm again.

A short outing on the motorway to pass Amsterdam followed. The 18hp R27 barely managed to reach 85 kmh because of a strong headwind, but I enjoyed slowing down the cars for a change *evilG*. Having passed Amsterdam we got off the motorway and followed the banks of the river Vecht for a while; then some more B-roads to get to the part of Holland where some quiet woods are supposed to be waiting.

I was horrified to see the place crowded, but we took our chances, parked the bike, put some of our MC clothing in the paniers and started walking. After 20 minutes most of the crowd was out of sight and we enjoyed the relative quietness of the wood. Relative because in Holland there always seems to be some source of noise at a distance, be it planes or agricultural machinery.

After the walk we enjoyed some pancakes and had a nice conversation with a couple who turned out to own a HD flathead. Among other things we discussed mc safety which was interesting because this guy felt totally different about it than I do.

On our way home we had a tailwind so the R27 could easily reach a cruising speed of 90kmh. We selected motorways for the first part, then switched to B-roads again. We made it home in one piece, where our middle daughter had already prepared dinner; what luxury! Apart from stops and the hike we had spend 5 hours on the bike, covering 233km. Not even an average of 30mph! But fun every metre.