Enter 1996


Veteran and Classic Motorcycle Ride Enter. April 27 1996.

It was time to wake up the R27: the season for biking and camping had begun again! Like last year Savitri was going to join me, but this time we didn't need a trailer as a comfy saddle had been installed for the passenger. There wasn't that much room for luggage though, so Savitri ended up with a huge luggage roll on her lap! Poor girl...

Leaving friday the 26th at 11.00 we had enough time to take small backroads on our way to the dike from Enkhuizen to Lelystad. We had lunch at checkpoint Charlie halfway this dike looking out on the lake where we noticed an occasional sail. In summer this lake is crowded with new and classic sailing vessels, and of course some big german motorboats.

At the end of the dike, in Lelystad, we reached new land, flat and windy. We had coffee once more and then made it in one long haul to Enter arriving there at 16.00. This meant we managed to accomplish an average speed of 40km/h!

We made camp, did some shopping in Enter and then went off to Almelo. We desperately needed the warmth of a cinema so we watched 'Critical Decision' and had icecream (!). By the way: NEVER go to Almelo by car or motorcycle. One-way traffic everywhere, roadworks that prevent you to get anywhere... Don't go.

After a (1) beer we rode back to the tent in the dark (25W bulb you know). The warmth of the cinema had quickly left us so we hit the sleeping bags ASAP.

Saturday brought us a cold morning and a tasty breakfast. We rode to Enter where we paid the fees, filled in the form and watched the bikes come in. Many high quality restored R50's and R60's. Just like last year there was a morning and an afternoon ride which were both quite enjoyable as both the weather and the scenery were fine. When you join a group of these old bikes every sense tries to drag you back in the past: you see the small roads and farms around you and you smell, see and hear the old bikes. It was all much like the way I rode with my father in the 50ies and early 60ies.

After the ride we returned to the campsite and Savitri had her first ride 'behind the wheel'. She kept it in first gear and scared a group of bicyclists by using too much of the available road. In the end we managed to get to the camping, park the bike, walk back to the village and stuff ourselves with sandwiches, beer and coca-cola. How we managed to walk back again and play tennis will always be a mystery to me.

Sunday we packed and rode to Eemnes where Martin Vijzelaar had to check and adjust some things and change oil for the first time after the overhaul. Martin, his wife Thea and we had a nice chat after which we headed home. We had a little mechanical problem near Amsterdam but in the end arrived home. Those were another 440 nice kilometers!