Enter 1995

Young girl admiring old stuff...


Veteran and Classic Motorcycle Ride Enter. April 29 1995.

As this event is one of the "classic" classic events in Holland I thought it a good idea to choose this one as the first official ride of the R27. My daughter Savitri wanted to join me and as I had neither a passenger seat nor room for luggage (we wanted to camp, so we needed a lot of space) we trailered bike and luggage to Enter, where we made camp at a convenient campsite nearby.

We walked the 6 km back to Enter to have an excellent meal at a chinese restaurant. Savitri was a bit embarassed as I made the chinese background music complete by singing "Kawasahaki Suhuzuhuki Yamahahaha" all the time. That's what you get when joining your old dad!

The night turned out to be pretty cold, we were fortunate to survive and got up early. We drove to Enter and unloaded the bike. Then there was hot coffee which we drank filling in the entry form. By the way the office was situated in a home for elderly people. Several of the men living there came out and enjoyed the sight of the bikes they knew so well from the past. The idea that one day I'll be the old guy looking at classic VFR's didn't appeal much to me I must admit...

As we had time enough before the ride started we had a good opportunity to study all the bikes and their riders. Both riders and bikes were of all ages and beauty. My favorite was a Triumph T21 which was pristine indeed.

I was surprised to find out that even Suzuki T500's and GT750's were considered classic and satisfied that my 1961 R27 wasn't the newest bike around.

We found a guy with a 1956 BSA 350 that had a vacant seat for Savitri, so the ride could start. It's funny that you don't realise just how beautiful your own country can be; the guy in front took us to marvellous country roads on the first leg of the ride. Speed was low, so we had a chance to look around even though the Jawa in front of me made a serious contribution to the global warming effect.

Lunchtime soon was there, at the home for the elderly again. The oldest bikes were finishing their race at the same time, so this time we could hear the bikes as well. Mighty sounds and low revvs!

In the afternoon there was another 40km leg which was fun as well. I found out though that group riding still wasn't my favorite game, specially not in a group of more or less unpredictable bikes.

The end was near. We said goodbye to the people we met, put the bike back on the trailer and headed home. Next year I'll have a passenger saddle in order to ride to this event!