A nice motorcycling month.

VFR ride to La Roche en Ardennes.

May 17 marked the beginning of a Belgian weekend. At 17.00 I started the VFR to ride to La Roche en Ardennes. The main group of the 'Hombo's' was supposed to arrive the next day, but as I'm not too keen on group riding on longer trips I had decided to ride alone. After crossing the Belgian border I switched to small roads, even though this meant making camp in the dark. After having done that, I started looking for familiar faces in which I did not succeed. There were large groups of motorcyclists present, but none that I knew. I headed for the bar/restaurant where I had some Hoegaarden and a nice chat with a dutch couple. When returning to my tent I finally found the group (Venture riders) we were supposed to meet.

The next day showed a very muddy campground, so we moved the tents to a better location. I had brought my hiking shoes so I decided to make a hike in the area. I enjoyed that very much, even though there was a steep climb and the weather was getting hotter all the time. Shortly after returning to the campsite a small group of hombo friends finally arrived, some by car, most on bikes. We had dinner in the (crowded) town; unfortunately the quality of the Italian restaurant was bad. But the company was great!

On sunday I joined my hombo friends Huyb, Jacqueline, Anna, Jos and Paula for a ride on nice roads to France and back. Huyb and I switched bikes for a while which gave me a chance to test his FJR1300. Wonderful bike for two-up touring; loads of torque and comfy. After visiting a little museum where a wooden replica of a steam loc was on show we had lunch and headed home. I couldn't resist playing in the nice twisties that lead us there... That evening a BBQ was organized which I enjoyed a lot.

The next day I had a lazy ride back, again on my own. Wonderful weekend all in all.