New Workhorse !

June 2004, 7500km, ready for first trip.

Two years later, 56000km. Changes made: rise handlebars, thicken grips, better springs, an aluminium skidplate, improve lever protection, add scottoiler, refurbish seat, add bodywork protection, change to knobby tyres. It's better looking as well!

Yet two months later, 61000km. Added a trailer to make life more comfy for the wife. More info on the contruction (Dutch).

September 2012. At 136.000 km I decided to drop many of the plastic bits and replace them with a alu tophalf. It was built by Bakker framebouw, who in the old days were responsible for the invention of the deltabox frame. I hope the bike will be more sturdy on rougher roads where dropping it seems to be my habit...

In the winter of 2014/15 I had the engine swapped as the old engine was consuming oil like a BMW: 1 litre each 4000 km. A lot of other work was done as well: the PAIR system was removed, new exhaust headers came into play etc. It's a more aggresive bike now.