The economy of a Transalp XL650V, first registered september 2001. (Euro's)

may 2004, bought 2nd hand7350 km6000
scottoiler incl. labour 7600 km218
12V connection10000 km25
Much needed improvement buddyseat40122 km115
Crashbars45347 km133
Alu engine protector48000 km214
Handguards48000 km85
Handlebar risers54980 km94
Hyperpro front and Technoflex rear springs99200 km223
Set Givi cases110900 km135
Bagster tank cover113500 km105
New set of crashbars132187 km210
Custom made aluminium tophalf136766 km1785
New 12V connection163000 km25
New 12V connection186018 km21
Enduro footrests187944 km106
Kickstand extension190555 km35

Changed all fluids etc. (oil, filter, brakefluid) and checkup2/5/20047600124
Metzeler Tourance rear 120/90R17 64S TL25/6/200412121133
Major service incl. filters and rear brakepad7/10/200418880364
Realignment front wheel6/12/20042294448
Metzeler Tourance front 90/90R21 54H TL incl. tube6/12/200422944121
Metzeler Tourance rear 130/80R17 64S TL29/1/200525364133
Chain and sprockets29/1/200525364189
Minor service (no sparkplugs)29/1/200525364130
Rear brakepad14/6/20053452260
Minor service12/7/20053883576
Set Metzeler Tourances16/8/200539257294
Major service incl. chain, sprockets, clutchcable24/12/2005482041032
Minor service14/4/200654176136
Michelin Anakee front 90/90R21 54H TL incl.tube21/4/200654629108
Conti TKC80 tyres plus tubes: front 107 rear 13116/6/200656201313
Major service; all brakepads renewed; minor repairs3/8/200660828737
Swapped front with previous Anakee, new rear Anakee24/11/200666108157
Minor service2/12/20066639868
Temporary swap Anakees-new TKC80's26/1/200768802298
Swap TKC's back to Anakees2/2/20076970040
Major service incl. chain and sprockets28/3/200772782745
Swap Anakees to TKC's15/6/20077615040
Checkup; replaced all brakepads; microswitch frontbrake22/6/200776692197
Minor service incl. mounting indicator10/7/200781432113
Dunlop Trailmax 130/80R17 rear tyre12/7/200781548134
Minor service (should have been major) + new side panel17/8/200786300282
Major service24/11/200790849406
Front brakes maintenance14/12/200791734110
Speedo cable and pickup21/12/200792496149
Changed the terrible Dunlop rear and the wornout front TKC for the old Anakees28/12/20079254046
New buddyseat cover -/- insurance20/3/200895864-35
Chain and sprockets20/3/200895912330
Replace wornout front Anakee with previously used TKC, new inner tube23/5/20089829144
New Anakees, new inner rear tube20/6/2008103660276
Major service incl. exhaust and st.head bearings28/6/2008103963906
Set Conti TKC80 tyres1/8/2008104497281
Rear wheel bearings15/10/200810750040
Minor service, new airfilter13/12/2008110939331
New (gel) battery30/12/2008111344139
Frontbrakes fix9/2/2009111944110
New TKC's for weekend run20/3/2009113400227
Swap TKC's back to previous Anakees27/3/200911405045
Major service. Valves, chain&sprockets, fluids, front brakepads7/6/2009117765549
New stainless steel spokes rear wheel11/7/2009122194144
Preventive replacement of all wheel bearings11/7/2009123250167
Oil, oilfilter, rear brake pads, remount 2009 TKC's26/5/2010132187282
Front discs (240), Excel wheel (300) and brake repair & cleanup30/9/2010136416664
Airfilter and front sprocket14/11/201013741969
Oil+filter,rear disk,mitas e07 rear tyre (65 Euro),coolant,scotoil,valves31/4/2011143238348
Clutch cable18/5/201114484063
Repair/cleaning lightswitch (Danish pricelevel!)24/5/201114688098
Mitas e07 front tyre29/5/2011147694106
Rear brakepads and rear brake oil4/7/201114787063
Fuse lights9/9/201115865020
Set TKC's, oil, oilfilter22/9/2011162246219
New headbearings, protective front fork rubber and fresh fork oil8/11/2011163190140
Africa Twin flexible shiftlever19/2/201216419661
Oil+oilfilter,valve check (no adjustments),sparkplugs20/8/2012169978144
2nd hand lightswitch1/9/201217000045
Conti TKC80 tyres(212),chain+sprockets(165),extra front sprocket(24),inner,labour11/10/2012175642499
Rear brake pads, service front brakes22/4/201317779792
Rear brake service (cleanup)24/4/201317835040
One (1) bolt original Honda...4/7/20131860184
Steel brakeline, front calipers, TKC80, Mefo expl, oil, front sprocket, repair/tuneup, filters, plugs7/10/2013187771982
Frontbrakes check21/3/201418972013
Maintenance and repairs up to now14489
Kilometrage april 2014191000

Maintenance / km: 7.6 eurocents.
Fuel consumption: 20 km/l.

At 102000 km a friend rear-ended me. The damage was 1607 euros. Most plastic was gone...

As it's 10 years and 183650 km ago now that I bought the Transalp I figured it was a good moment to close this page and make a summary of the first decade. In the winter of 2014-15 the engine was replaced by one I bought years ago and which ran 30000 km in a police bike. Of course I'll continue reporting about the cost of ownership, but on an other page.

8781Depreciation (9531-750)
14325Petrol avg price/liter 1.50 euro