The economy of a Transalp XL650V in it's second decade. (Euro's)

april 2014, residual value191000 km750
12 volt outlet201500 km25
Alu panniers201500 km410
New GIVI rack213100 km125
Repair alu pannier213400 km55
Revarnish cockpit 213900 km195
Spare clutch cable216147 km31
New headlight242015 km140
Repairs and parts (mirror, lever etc.)271135 km303
Repairs cockpit, pannier and front fork271215 km875

Frontbrakes cleaning (Norway)17/7/2014198700 km77
Rear wheel bearings (Norway)23/7/2014199800 km259
TKC80, Mefo Explorer, tube, front sprocket, oil+filter18/8/2014202187 km268
Clutch cable8/9/2014203000 km35
Chain and sprockets (15-49)10/10/2014211550 km260
'New' (30.000km) engine2011213652 km650
Stainless exhaust headers2008213652 km209
Changing engine, rear brakepad etc.*20/02/2015213652 km1177
New oil, oilfilter, valvecover gaskets18/3/2015214821 km240
TKC80, Mefo Explorer, speedo cable24/4/2015216147 km260
Ball head bearings, fork oil29/8/2015221862 km139
Two bulbs for dashboard lights19/9/2015222944 km2
Check lights, air intake, steering head, brakelight13/11/2015224370 km85
Oil, oilfilter, electrical gremlin (headlights)18/12/2015224800 km103
Mefo explorer rear30/5/2016228575 km159
Oil change, TKC80 front tyre, tube29/7/2016234729 km337
Swingarm pivot cap25/4/2017242006 km2
Oil change, Mefo rear, chain set, brake overhaul5/5/2017242010 km1002
New 'plates' for footpegs1/6/2017242200 km100
Rear tyre puncture repair + new inner tube7/7/2017245510 km42
Oil and filter8/9/2017249217 km103
Front tyre TKC8012/9/2017249269 km120
Minor service, Rear tyre TKC8023/8/2018257622 km253
Electric Gremlin, switch15/10/2018257810 km180
Brakepads front29/08/2019261271 km111
Major service, rear wheel bearings25/11/2019261590 km286
Tyres: TKC80 TKC7015/1/2020261770 km342
Helicoil front fork25/1/2020261780 km46
Oil, filter, brake fluid, rear brakepads16/4/2020271135 km150
Maintenance april'14-today6997

Maintenance / km: 8.7 eurocents.
Fuel consumption: 21 km/l.

Cost of ownership 191000-271215 km

2409Depreciation (2909-500)
6303Petrol avg price/liter 1.65 euro

* swapping engine, remove PAIR, new front disks, all brakepads, filters, rear brakelight switch, straighten front fork, battery, frontwheel bearings.
* this was followed by replacing gaskets as the engine got covered in oil...