COO of the Jawa 640 Tramp (Euros)

4/10/2001 there we go:2700
0-service and papers:13
luxury dashboard clock:5
km/mile trip meter:5
total first investment:2723
Sold it for:450

Depreciation: 5.15 eurocents per km.

1000km service27/10/20011958 km13
Diesel fuel (gasket repair)12/11/20012250 km20
5000km service4/1/20025220 km10
Diesel fuel (gearbox repair)2/2/20025300 km20
2 indicator bulbs24/1/20025564 km2
400R18 enduro rear tyre22/3/20028544 km111
Diesel fuel (new left piston)4/4/20028612 km20
Paint for the exhausts26/4/200210315 km7
15000km service, including new reg./rect.27/6/200215131 km110
Gasoline to and from far away dealer27/6/200215256 km15
Puncture, new inner rear tyre11/7/200216148 km20
Heidenau enduro front tyre19/7/200216508 km75
400R18 enduro rear tyre27/9/200219415 km86
Indicator bulbs and sidestand spring12/11/200221658 km3
2 sparkplugs NGK B7HS7/2/200325320 km7
25K service; new steeringhead bearings and brakepads17/4/200327851 km171
New right handguard, mirror and indicator17/4/200327851 km40
Dieselfuel for transporting bike17/4/200327851 km30
2 Sparkplug covers2/8/200332611 km9
Heidenau rear (85) and front (81) tyres22/8/200333350 km166
New left cylinder and piston24/10/200335098 km240
Dieselfuel for transporting bike24/10/200335098 km30
Rear new inner tube14/12/200337230 km25
New left handguard12/3/200441823 km19
Fluids and cleaning (AKA service)2/4/200442372 km20
Brakepad, airfilter, clutchcable, rear brake28/4/200444161 km90
Fuel28/4/200444161 km20
Maintenance and repairs up to 4/6/20041379

Maintenance per km: 3.1 eurocents.

Average fuel consumption: 5 litres/100 km. Oil/Gas Ratio 1:50.
The replacement enduro tyres are produced by Heidenau; I'm told this is a company producing offroad tyres for Metzeler only. The rear tyre's size is somewhat larger than the original and it looks pretty impressive. The price is probably higher than the Jawa justifies...

Cost of ownership 44161 km

3312Petrol avg price/liter 1.50 euro