Euros and a VFR800Fi.

jan. 17 1998Price12023
0-service and papers225
minus some goodies -88
oct. 20 1999, 43314 kmTouring version scottoiler170
march 1 2004, 98423 kmTopcase incl. custom mounting335
march 6 2009, 120685 kmSold:2250
Total depreciation:10415
Depreciation/km:8.6 eurocents


first service; oil and oilfilter28/1/981141 km36
6000 service including rear tyre(!)6/5/986957 km236
12000 service14/8/9813875 km67
another rear tyre18/9/9819512 km187
18000 service25/9/9819800 km52
front tyre BT56FG27/11/9822940 km139
24000 service incl. K&N filter16/12/9823545 km495
rear tyre+balancing front16/04/9929640 km185
30000 service23/04/9930100 km48
36000 service+brakepads+scottoiler+chain+sprockets20/07/9937874 km612
set of Bridgestone BT57 tyres23/09/9941030 km342
bulb rear light26/09/9941070 km4
42000 service01/10/9942645 km54
new scottoiler high capacity20/10/9943314 km170
repair right radiator (rotted!)16/2/0045926 km49
48000 service26/4/0048322 km377
rear tyre BT5717/5/0048750 km199
my part of tipover on ferry28/5/0053500 km91
54000 service2/6/0053618 km85
my part of autobahn crash...8/12/0057422 km91
bagster, BOS exhaust, BT010 front8/12/0057422 km1014
rear tyre BT02015/12/0057570 km187
rear tyre BT020 (due to puncture)7/4/0164900 km193
chain and sprockets (useless scottoiler?)14/4/0165340 km228
front tyre BT02026/4/0166057 km160
66000 service, all brakepads renewed12/5/0166389 km403
new exhaust (front part)22/6/0169020 km1031
front bulbs29/6/0169521 km14
72K service incl. rear BT02022/8/0173860 km639
78K service12/10/0178086 km84
front tyre BT02020/12/0179799 km159
84K service + rear tyre BT020 + rear brakepads5/6/0284824 km369
sprockets and chain (due to error mechanic)6/9/0285956 km216
Fournales rear shock absorber6/12/0289423 km618
90000 service, including fixing scottoiler(umm.. no!)7/2/0389742 km270
BT020 front tyre28/3/0390496 km170
2 taillight bulbs31/3/0390915 km8
96K service incl. brakepads and footrestrubbers19/7/0397314 km753
30bar fournales pump19/12/0398304 km39
fournales replaced by showa shock29/8/04101100 km215
set of BT014 tyres, incl. labour3/9/04101440 km393
mounting showa shock3/9/04101440 km24
minor service incl. new head bearings29/9/04102007 km335
sensor fuel gauge8/10/04102261 km107
refund Fournales shock13/11/04102732 km-460
FI "repair" & fork adj.28/6/05103985 km525
more money wasted on FI8/10/05105207 km172
major 108K service + new BT020 rear28/4/06107512 km979
new battery23/2/07109788 km85
check regulator (gremlins again...)24/2/07109898 km10
another check and replacement of regulator10/3/07110591 km375
rebalancing front wheel after losing some lead30/5/07114389 km20
minor service17/8/07115335 km103
Bridgestone BT021 front tyre14/11/07115712 km170
Major service5/12/08120664 km682
Maintenance and repairs up to now13806
Last odo, march 2009120685 km

Maintenance/km: 11.44 eurocents. Average fuel consumption: 14-17 km/l.

Fortunately I had the insurance company picking up (most of) the bill of the september 2000 crash! 10500 guilders of awful damage!
The annual allrisk insurance premium is about 12% of purchase price a year, so I gave that up after 5 years.