The financial picture of the R27.

(All prices in dutch guilders).

feb. 1995 bought it:82775 km6800
passenger saddle:83000 km350
passenger footrests:83000 km60
hardbags:92523 km25
screen:92523 km50
sidestand:100000 km282
march 2008 sold it:108801 km7050


shocks, rear tyre, bearings, piston, crank, head, clutch, etc. 1996 85333 km4056
sparkplug (haha)86700 km6
clutch repair 199787600 km105
front tyre, new RVS spokes, new wiring, polishing hubs, service 1998 92386 km2134
cable for speedo92730 km31
another cable for speedo93435 km31
front brake rebuild94328 km152
winter service 1999 incl. minor repairs94494 km430
headlight bulb95322 km4
annual service april 200097063 km287
inner clutch cable98760 km7
biannual y2k service including rear tyre100943 km689
search for electric gremlin part I100965 km306
and part II (plus new battery)102463 km122
footrest103224 km40
service march 2003103883 km383
cosmetic restauration front fender & front shocks103883 km344
bi-annual service (feb.2005)106400 km266
Set Dunlop K82 tyres (apr.2007)107816 km367
Professional cleaning (apr.2007)107987 km220
Minor service (may 2007)108100 km229
total maintenance up to may 200710209
TOTALLY SPENT (getting+keeping-selling)10726

Annual insurance was about 150 guilders a year, and since the bike was older than 25 years I didn't have to pay annual taxes. Fuel consumption was low: always better than 22 km/l.

To be honest selling her did hurt me a bit. Even though it was old it turned out to be a reliable bike. But I did spend so much time on my other bikes that it stood workless in the garage for most of the time. So, hopefully the next owner will take good care of her and enjoy her like I did.

Cost of ownership 82775-108801 km

1774Petrol avg price/liter 1.50 euro